Enjoy These 8 Benefits When You Use Newswire Services

When you write a press release, you have the option to send it to reporters and publications or hire a press release distribution company that will publish it to different websites and locations. If you are looking for a faster and easier way to go, a distribution site makes your story accessible to journalists and outlets in just a short time.

You can enjoy a number of benefits when you use newswire services. Here are 8 benefits that your brand, even startups can enjoy.

  • Promote brand awareness.

When you use press release marketing service, you can get your brand in front of the people, who don’t know your existence. They become aware of your business, what you offer and what you do.

When your business gets exposure, you pique the interest of potential customers and even investors. Regularly writing a compelling and newsworthy content can also alarm the attention of the media. You never know that you may get publicity sooner than you expected.

Startups and small business can take advantage of this opportunity. It’s their way to get an instant exposure.

  • Increase SEO value.

A well-written press release with quality backlinks can give you a good SEO value. When you write a release, include links that link back to your site.

It helps people to get to know your business, which Google appreciates. The more valuable your site is, the higher Google places you in the ranks of the search engines.

  • Publishes your press releases right away.

Brands have one goal in distributing their press release. It is to get their story published.

When you hire a reputable company like Newswire, they can publish your story on over 7,000 news and media publications and websites. Not all wire companies provide the same services. Make sure that you choose a service carefully before investing.

  • Viral distribution of your story.

When you hire a distribution service, your story can get viral in an instant. It gets distributed to online databases and subscribers.

Your story can also reach local and national media platforms, including newspapers, magazines, televisions, radios and social media channels. More distribution means more people can learn about your business which can also boost your leads.

  • It is archived for the search engines.

When you use a newswire service, your press release is indexed on popular search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. This makes it accessible to the audience, the media and researchers who are looking for information about your brand.

  • Your content is featured on the search engine result pages.

Another important benefit is that your story gets featured on top of the SERP in your industry. The moment it is published in several news sites, Google and Bing will index your news and feature it as a current top news.

Make sure to use a keyword in the headline that matches the user’s keyword when they search online. Follow the rules in writing headlines.

Make it short and use relevant keyword. By following this tip, you can ensure that your business reaches as many people as possible.

  • You can have more subscribers on email and RSS feeds.

If you’re looking to reach a wider market, getting the services of distribution channels can help you increase your subscribers both in email and RSS feeds. One feature that these services offer is that people can subscribe to receive new stories related to their keyword search and interest.

Journalists often subscribe to get the latest story, trends and even to look for story ideas. When a certain journalist receives your story, they get familiar with your brand. They may learn that you are a thought leader in the industry, which can open new media opportunities.

  • It can earn you mentions.

Although there’s a slim chance that journalists pick a story to write through the distribution services, using it can give brands a greater opportunity to earn mentions. Remember that they are looking for an interesting and valuable story to share with their readers.

If you fulfill this need, they can mention you in their future articles and stories. A well-written press release can go a long way. Don’t underestimate the power of your release and using a distribution site.

These are just some of the benefits that brands receive when hiring a distribution service. You have to be wise where you put your investment. Choose reputable press release distribution review site channels that can provide you an outcome, and a way to measure the results.